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Ryan Advocacy is dedicated to resolving tax disputes expeditiously by assisting clients with controversy resolution and legislative services, as well as protecting the rights of taxpayers through honest and fair public policy.

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Ryan Public Affairs delivered both timely and effective legislative advocacy strategy and support.
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Ryan Advocacy

Ryan Advocacy professionals are aggressive but professional. We understand the importance of constructive relationships with taxing authorities. We also understand that respect is earned. From informal conferences to administrative level appeals, our goal is to resolve tax controversies quickly and professionally. And when disputes can’t be resolved through simple negotiation, we’re prepared to fight for our clients’ interests for as long as it takes. Our suite of controversy resolution services includes:

  • Assisting taxpayers in administrative hearings
  • Drafting voluntary disclosure agreement requests
  • Filing administrative claims
  • Interviewing employees and experts
  • Investigating the facts and gathering evidence
  • Meeting with auditors, dispute resolution officers, administrative hearings attorneys, or other agents as necessary
  • Obtaining letter rulings
  • Participating in informal conferences or other administrative appeals
  • Performing multi-jurisdictional research

Ryan Advocacy is also uniquely positioned to protect our clients’ interests against adverse tax legislation, clarify and understand ambiguities in the tax laws, and provide an effective voice at the table when these bills are under consideration. With a rich background in political lobbying and advocacy, and a deep expertise in tax administration, our professionals draw on extensive backgrounds in accounting, tax law, and administrative law, and include former elected officials, administrators, former Fortune 500 executives, public policy experts, and lawyers to understand the potential impacts of tax legislation on our clients. We deliver solutions and strategies that seek legislative relief and deliver value to our clients’ bottom line, including:

  • Client advocacy
  • Bill tracking and review
  • Legislative analysis
  • Lobbying services
  • Public affairs consulting
  • Strategic message development
  • Fiscal impact studies and analysis
  • Coalition organization and management
  • Bill drafting and development of white papers, testimony, and other advocacy materials
  • Technical assistance to internal and external governmental affairs staff
  • Legislative alerts, updates, and detailed session wrap-up reports
  • Monitoring and commenting on rules and regulations
  • New law implementation plans and schedules

Integrated End-to-End Tax Services

Ryan is focused on your overall tax performance—providing innovative solutions to the underlying causes of the errors we identify—and creating greater opportunities to measure and improve your efficiency, develop a more strategic approach to tax, and deliver outstanding value to your shareholders.